Custom Plywood Table with Solid Sides x2

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Our signature table with 2 sections. The Custom Plywood Table with Solid Sides x2 is minimal, functional, and completely made to measure. A stunning table solution.

The simple design creates clean lines for a clutter-free appearance. The design is very similar to our Custom Plywood Table with Solid Sides but it has two sections to allow for larger sizes and more seating on both sides. This makes it an ideal product for a meeting room for 8-16 people.




Max Width (18mm): 4400mm
Max Width (24mm): 5200mm
Max Width (36mm): 6000mm


Max Depth (18mm): 1000mm
Max Depth (24mm): 1200mm
Max Depth (36mm): 1500mm


Max Height (All): 1200mm

Support Panel

Min Support Panel Height: 100mm
Max Support Panel Height: Desk Height


750mm for a sit-down table
900mm for a workbench
1050mm for a bar
150mm support panel height

Our Custom Plywood Table with Solid Sides x2 is available in 18mm, 24mm or 36mm Natural PlywoodLaminated Plywood or ColorCore Plywood:


Altofina - Plain Colours

White 006 (Satin)

Cream 001 (Satin)

Grey 007 (Satin)

Grey 009 (Satin)

Grey 001 (Satin)

Grey 010 (Satin)

Grey 005 (Satin)

Grey 018 (Satin)

Grey 017 (Satin)

Grey 016 (Satin)

Grey 019 (Satin)

Grey 013 (Satin)

Grey 004 (Satin)

Black 001 (Satin)

Brown 004 (Satin)

Brown 006 (Satin)

Brown 005 (Satin)

Blue 001 (Satin)

Blue 003 (Satin)

Blue 007 (Satin)

Blue 009 (Satin)

Blue 011 (Satin)

Blue 012 (Satin)

Blue 013 (Satin)

Blue 014 (Satin)

Green 013 (Satin)

Green 006 (Satin)

Green 012 (Satin)

Yellow 004 (Satin)

Orange 001 (Satin)

Red 004 (Satin)

Pink 001 (Satin)

Pink 002 (Satin)

Purple 001 (Satin)

Purple 004 (Satin)


Altofina - Wood Effects

Ash 003 (Satin)

Ash 004 (Silk)

Ash 005 (Gloss)

Ash 006 (Satin)

Ash 007 (Satin)

Ash 008 (Satin)

Ash 009 (Satin)

Beech 003 (Satin)

Beech 004 (Satin)

Cherry 002 (Satin)

Ebony 001 (Satin)

Maple 002 (Satin)

Oak 005 (Satin)

Oak 006 (Satin)

Oak 007 (Satin)

Oak 008 (Satin)

Oak 009 (Woodgrain)

Painted Wood 001 (Satin)

Painted Wood 002 (Satin)

Stave Wood 001 (Saw Cut)

Striped Woodmix 001 (Satin)

Tanglewood 001 (Satin)

Walnut 001 (Satin)

Wenge 001 (Satin)

Zebrano 001 (Satin)

Zebrano 004 (Satin)

Zebrano 005 (Satin)



Polar White

Antique White








Dark Chocolate

Diamond Black

Spectrum Blue


Spectrum Yellow


Spectrum Red



Shipped via Courier or Personal Delivery



2-4 Weeks for Small Orders / One Product
4-8 Weeks for Medium Orders / Multiple Products
6-12 Weeks for Large Orders / Fit-Outs



Flat Packed / Self Assembly
Assembly Service Available - Additional Fees Apply

£800.00 +VAT

Not Sure?

Don't worry we provide detailed drawings along with a fully interactive 3D model of your order before we go to production. This process ensures we get things exactly as required and allows customers to tweak their designs if required.

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