Custom Plywood Desk Top Rectangular 36mm

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The flexible desk solution. The Custom Plywood Desk Top Rectangular 36mm is minimal, functional and completely made to measure. A stunning desk solution.

The simple design creates a multitude of possible applications. Perfect for any customised office. The customer can supply wall battens/legs/supports.

This is the 36mm rectangular option. Also available as:

Simple Design

Width: 2800mm Max
Depth: 1400mm Max

For sizes outside of these dimensions, contact us for a bespoke quote.


Custom Plywood Desk Top 36mm Rectangular Dimensions

    Our Custom Plywood Desktop Rectangular 36mm is available in Natural Plywood or Laminated Plywood:

    White 006

    Cream 001

    Grey 007

    Grey 009

    Grey 001

    Grey 010

    Grey 005

    Grey 018

    Grey 017

    Grey 016

    Grey 019

    Grey 013

    Grey 004

    Black 001

    Brown 004

    Brown 006

    Brown 005

    Blue 001

    Blue 003

    Blue 007

    Blue 009

    Blue 011

    Blue 012

    Blue 013

    Blue 014

    Green 013

    Green 006

    Green 012

    Yellow 004

    Orange 001

    Red 004

    Pink 001

    Pink 002

    Purple 001

    Purple 004

    Looking for a more Bespoke Desk Top? Need to make some more adjustments to this design? Please send us your requirements.


     Shipped via Courier or Personal Delivery

     2-4 Weeks for Small Orders / One Product

     4-8 Weeks for Medium Orders / Multiple Products

     6-12 Weeks for Large Orders / Fit-Outs

     Flat Packed / Self Assembly

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