Materials and Finishes (2019)


All of our desks and furniture products are made using the highest quality Birch Plywood.

The plywood sheets are available in two sizes:

  • 3050mm x 1525mm
  • 2440mm x 1220mm.

This determines the maximum size panel we can make.

Availability of larger products/panels than shown on our website are subject to location due to delivery constraints.

Our products are available in two finish options:

  • Natural Plywood
  • Laminated Plywood:





Natural Plywood Faces and Edges

Completely Natural Plywood. The board is left completely natural. This shows off the natural grain of the wood surface and exposed plywood edge. The board is sanded to a fine smooth finish which is then lacquered all over.

Laminated Plywood Faces and Natural Plywood Edges

Partly Laminated Plywood. The board faces are finished with a laminate. This provides a highly durable finish which looks great with the exposed plywood edge. The edges are sanded to a fine smooth finish which is then lacquered.

Laminated Plywood Faces and Edges

Fully Laminated Plywood. The board faces and edges are finished with a laminate. This provides a highly durable finish and uniform look. You will see a dark line at the join between the face and edge.

Color-Core Laminate

To avoid seeing the black line between surfaces you can select a Colorcore laminate and achieve a completely uniform look.

Mix and Match Face and Edge Laminates | Orange and Red

It is possible to mix and match your face and edge finishes. Why not get creative and colourful? In this example, we have the White 006 (Satin) laminate for the face finish and Grey 013 (Satin) for the edge finish.

Wood Effect Laminates

With Wood Effect laminates you get the nice natural appearance of the wood finish but with the extra durability offered by the laminate. You can leave the edges Natural or have the laminated to match. See full options below.

Laminate Options

Altofina - Plain Colours

White 006 (Satin)

Cream 001 (Satin)

Grey 007 (Satin)

Grey 009 (Satin)

Grey 001 (Satin)

Grey 010 (Satin)

Grey 005 (Satin)

Grey 018 (Satin)

Grey 017 (Satin)

Grey 016 (Satin)

Grey 019 (Satin)

Grey 013 (Satin)

Grey 004 (Satin)

Black 001 (Satin)

Brown 004 (Satin)

Brown 006 (Satin)

Brown 005 (Satin)

Blue 001 (Satin)

Blue 003 (Satin)

Blue 007 (Satin)

Blue 009 (Satin)

Blue 011 (Satin)

Blue 012 (Satin)

Blue 013 (Satin)

Blue 014 (Satin)

Green 013 (Satin)

Green 006 (Satin)

Green 012 (Satin)

Yellow 004 (Satin)

Orange 001 (Satin)

Red 004 (Satin)

Pink 001 (Satin)

Pink 002 (Satin)

Purple 001 (Satin)

Purple 004 (Satin)

Altofina - Wood Effects

Ash 003 (Satin)

Ash 004 (Silk)

Ash 005 (Gloss)

Ash 006 (Satin)

Ash 007 (Satin)

Ash 008 (Satin)

Ash 009 (Satin)

Beech 003 (Satin)

Beech 004 (Satin)

Cherry 002 (Satin)

Ebony 001 (Satin)

Maple 002 (Satin)

Oak 005 (Satin)

Oak 006 (Satin)

Oak 007 (Satin)

Oak 008 (Satin)

Oak 009 (Woodgrain)

Painted Wood 001 (Satin)

Painted Wood 002 (Satin)

Stave Wood 001 (Saw Cut)

Striped Woodmix 001 (Satin)

Tanglewood 001 (Satin)

Walnut 001 (Satin)

Wenge 001 (Satin)

Zebrano 001 (Satin)

Zebrano 004 (Satin)

Zebrano 005 (Satin)

Laminates (Standard)

We have more finishes available.

Please visit our supplier's website for the full range.

Alternatively, you can download the brochure:

Laminates (ColorCore)

No dark lines. ColorCore laminated faces and edges provide a full uniform look.

Please visit our supplier's website for the full range.

Alternatively, you can download the brochure:


If you would like to order plywood samples please visit our Samples page.

A wide range of Options

With so many colour options we are confident you can find a desk to suit your exact brand or personality.

Materials and Finishes