Custom Office Fit Outs

  • Custom, Made to Measure Desks


Send us a plan of your space along with your requirements / brief and our in house architect will prepare your custom office fit out. We will send you drawings and work with you to achieve your perfect design / layout. All our furniture is available in a range of finishes, so you can create a unique office fit out to match your company branding and colours.

Small / Home Office

Using a selection of products from our store and / or bespoke pieces of furniture, we can create your perfect office fit out. With custom made to measure desks and furniture no space is too small for a conversion into that perfect home office.

Medium Office

Using a mixture of repeated and unique desk types, alongside custom storage units and custom shelves, your office will have everything you need. For the medium size office it is all about creating a space for everything. Do you need a meeting area as well as work stations? Is your office open plan or filled with awkward spaces? Our custom, made to measure solutions ensure you get the furniture you need to fit into the desired spaces.

Large Office

Maximising office space is crucial to company efficiency. With made to measure furniture you can optimise your office space to suit your exact requirements. Perhaps you need to fit 200 work stations onto your floor plan or you are looking for an office with flexibility / future expansion. Our custom, made to measure products are planned out by our in-house architect to ensure that you get the most out of your office space.

L Shape Desks

The L shape desk is one of our most popular designs as it provides the user with a great deal of work space whilst fitting neatly into the corner of a room. The key to an effective L shape desk is to have no supports on the front corner, thus ensuring freedom to work along both leading edges of the desk. We take this into consideration on all of our designs. The corner can be curved or left rectangular depending on your preference.

T Shape Desks

An effective way to divide your space into separate workstations, the T shape desk can be used to create a wide range of working environments. The arm can act as an overflow area for meetings or additional staff, or simply to create additional privacy between work stations.  

U Shape Desks

The U shape desk is a cockpit style desk arrangement, providing ample work surfaces. Our U shape desks can have varying desk depths on either side, or various heights if desired, which creates a very functional work space. This is often adopted for home offices where the desk can be pushed up against three walls.

Curved Desks

Curved desks are great for non symmetric spaces, as often rooms are not rectangular. Individual desks and tables can be circular or curved in shape, or be part of a larger circle when joined together.  Our plywood material allows us to build any desk shape imaginable.  

Overhanging Desks

Building an overhang on your desk allows you to transform your standard desk into a multi-use piece of furniture. Much like a breakfast bar, an overhang allows people to sit comfortably at the desk in a variety of places. If you have limited space then this allows your desk to double up as a meeting table. An overhang can also create an attractive island desk in an open plan office.

Cut Outs / Obstacles

With our custom made to measure and bespoke furniture, obstacles such as skirting boards, columns, wall deviations, windows sills and more can be accommodated without compromising desk top space or style. We can create desks and furniture with holes, cut-outs and overhangs, to ensure you make the most of your space and retain a clean line. Perhaps your room is not exactly square or you have tapering walls? Simply send us your measurements and we can design the furniture to suit.